Anti-Porn v【大发明家打野】ersion history

Anti-Porn version history

Anti-Porn strives to continuously improve each successive version of the parental controls software. The following is a list of updates that have been made to improve your user experience.

V24.8.12.6 (12/6/2018)

Improved the self protection.

V24.7.11.18 (11/18/2018)

Improved https URL blocking in IE browser.

V24.6.8.13 (8/13/2018)

Supports https content filtering in Chrome.

V24.5.7.6 (7/6/2018)

Bug fixed: 64 bit browsers crashes in Windows 10 version 1803.

V24.4.5.24 (5/24/2018)

Bug fixed: Some games can't connect to the internet.

V24.3.12.11 (12/11/2017)

64 bit browsers can record the URL history now.

V24.2.11.12 (11/12/2017)

Optimized filter algorithm.

V24.1.4.3 (4/3/2017)

A BSOD bug removed.

V24.0.3.22 (3/22/2017)

Forbid users to change the computer time zone.

Bug fixed: Can't uninstall Anti-Porn clearly.

V23.9.12.27 (12/27/2016)

Improved the self protection.

V23.8.12.9 (12/9/2016)

Supports content filtering in 64 bit Chrome.

Bug fixed: Can't visit any website in IE when the 'Only whitelist can be visited' option is on.

V23.7.9.27 (9/27/2016)

Supports 64 bit Chrome.

Improved the compatibility with IE8.

V23.6.8.26 (8/26/2016)

Improved the stablity and the speed of the filtering module.

V23.5.8.10 (8/10/2016)

Anti-Porn can block https URLs now.

V23.3.12.1 (12/22/2015)

Improved the compatibility with the Windows 10 OS.

V23.1.7.29 (7/29/2015)

Supports 64 bit Windows 10.

V23.0 (7/27/2015)

Supports 32 bit Windows 10.

V22.1.6.4 (6/5/2015)

Supports second level domain.

V22.0.4.10 (4/10/2015)

Supports https protocol under 64 bit system.

Adjusted the display order of the URL log.

V21.5.2.26 (2/26/2015)

Bug fixed: Can't disable the network card under 64 bit OS.

V21.4.11.25 (11/25/2014)

Improved the self protection.

Improved the uninstall program.

V21.3.9.15 (9/15/2014)

Bug fixed: password loophole.

V21.2.7.18 (7/18/2014)

A license code can only be used on one computer.

V21.1.6.23 (6/23/2014)

Improved the self protection.

V21.0.5.27 (6/3/2014)

Improved the self protection under 64 bit operation system.

V20.8.5.9 (5/9/2014)

A BSOD bug removed.

V20.7.4.25 (4/25/2014)

Each registration code can only be used on one computer.

V20.6.4.5 (4/5/2014)

Users can't switch Anti-Porn to child mode after the trial period is over.

V20.5.3.24 (3/24/2014)

Improved the self protection under 64 bit operation system.

V20.4.3.13 (3/13/2014)

Adjust the sensitivity of the Image recognition system.

A BSOD bug removed.

V20.3.1.7 (1/7/2014)

Improved the self protection of Anti-Porn's service process.

V20.2.11.2 (11/2/2013)

Supports 64 bit Windows 8.1.

Supports Internet Explorer 11.

Improved the Image recognition system's compatibility with Windows XP.

V20.1.10.23 (10/23/2013)

Supports Windows 8.1.

Improved the compatibility with Chrome.

V20.0.10.17 (10/17/2013)

Image Recognition System is introduced.

V19.2.8.23 (9/1/2013)

Improved compatibility with chrome browser.

Bug fixed: Memory leak.

Raised the upper limit of the screen log and the URL log.

V19.1.7.15 (7/15/2013)

No longer display the reason why a webpage is blocked in the prompt information.

Show the keywords in the log viewer.

V19.0.5.16 (5/16/2013)

Optimized filter algorithm.

V18.9.2.25 (3/1/2013)

Bug fixed: Don't work correctly on Internet Explorer 10 under 64 bit Windows 8.

Only allow Internet Explorer 10 to run on the desktop.

V18.8.2.5 (2/5/2013)

Improved the stability in Internet Explorer 10.

V18.7.1.18 (1/18/2013)

Compatible with Chrome v24.

V18.6.12.11 (12/11/2012)

Improved the compatibility with non-english Windows system.

Bug fixed: If a user click the 'finish' button twice when install Anti-Porn, the OS will prompt 'The specified service already exists.'

V18.5.12.5 (12/5/2012)

Bug fixed: BSOD after Windows 8 update the ntoskrnl.exe.

V18.4.11.26 (11/26/2012)

Fixed compatibility problems with Internet Explorer.

V18.3.11.18 (11/18/2012)

Compatible with Windows 8 build 9200.

V18.2.11.3 (11/3/2012)

Bug fixed: Don't work correctly on Google Chrome under 64 bit Windows 7.

Don't directly show the inappropriate keywords in the prompt messages.

Improved the self-protection of Anti-Porn.

V18.1.9.17 (9/17/2012)

Compatible with Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Fixed a loophole to improve the self-protection of Anti-Porn.

V18.0.7.15 (8/15/2012)

Bug fixed: BSOD by the file system filter driver.

Promoted the self-protection in the Windows XP.

Bug fixed: the 'Purchase' menu item was invalid.

V17.9.7.28 (7/28/2012)

Hide the folder in which Anti-Porn is installed.

Bug fixed: Some programs crashes when Windows shut down.

Bug fixed: The program's name appears in the task list when the eyesight protection function is runing.

V17.8.5.25 (5/25/2012)

You needn't restart the web browser after editing the black list, the white list, and the Keywords.

Improved the stability of the filtering module.

V17.7.5.8 (5/8/2012)

Optimaized the 'Auto Shutdown' function.

Revised the describe content.

V17.6.3.6 (3/6/2012)

Compatible with Windows 8 Developer Preview.

Autostart in Safe Mode with Networking.

V17.5.2.15 (2/15/2012)

Autostart in Safe Mode.

V17.3.2.7 (2/7/2012)

Improved Anti-Porn's compatibility.

Optimized filter algorithm.

Optimized the Arab's keywords.

V17.2.1.11 (1/11/2012)

User can change the system time in parent mode.

Optimized the keyword's lists including English, Spanish, German, French.

V17.1.12.23 (12/23/2011)

Arabic filter module added.

Optimized the keyword's lists including Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

Optimized filter algorithm.

Display the reason why a webpage is blocked.

V17.0.10.28 (10/28/2011)

Hide the Anti-Porn's process in 64 bit Windows System.

Supports 64 bit webbrowsers.

Optimized filter algorithm.

V16.1.10.6 (10/6/2011)

Bug fixed: The context menu of the logview program don't work.

V16.0.6.18 (6/1/2011)

Perfectly supports Google Chrome browser.

Improved filter efficiency.

V15.8.4.8 (4/8/2011)

Bug fixed: Memory leak.

V15.7.3.12 (3/12/2011)

A misspelling was corrected.

V15.6.11.23 (11/23/2010)

Bug fixed: Registry exception in installation procedure.

V15.5.10.25 (10/25/2010)

Added to the WhiteList.

Improved compatibility with the Maxthon 3 and the SogouExplorer.

Removed the splash popup.

V15.3.8.26 (8/26/2010)

Fixed a bug ofoverwrite Installation.

V15.2.8.23 (8/23/2010)

Beautified the UI of the Control Center.

V15.1.8.15 (8/15/2010)

Fixed a bug which lead explorer.exe to crash.

V15.0.8.10 (8/10/2010)

Protect Anti-Porn with VeriSign Code Signing Certificate.

V14.6.7.15 (7/15/2010)

Bug fixed: Don't start occasionally.

Improved compatibility with some antivirus software.

V14.5.6.17 (6/17/2010)

Improved compatibility with some antivirus software.

Improved compatibility with Firefox and Chrome.

V14.4.5.25 (5/26/2010)

Removed recommended websites.

New option: Block all websites not on Whitelist.

Removed the build-in http service.

Improved the self protection of Anti-Porn.

V14.3.5.17 (5/17/2010)

Bug fixed: Some items of the mai menu don't work.

V14.2.5.12 (5/12/2010)

Improved self protection.

Optimize some code, and improve effectiveness.

V14.1.4.19 (4/19/2010)

Improved compatibility with chrome browser.

Avoid to being killed mistakenly by AVG antivirus software.

V14.0.3.24 (3/24/2010)

Removed a unnecessary process under Vista and WIN7.

Bug fixed: The 'Help' menu item don't work.

V13.9.2.26 (2/26/2010)

Improved Limit Online Time function. NIC is disabled in the period of time does not allow access to the Internet.

V13.8.2.8 (2/8/2010)

Improved the compatibility with some antivirus softwore.

Improved the UI of the setting program.

V13.7.1.26 (1/26/2010)

Fixed a bug in the uninstall program.

Fixed a bug in shortcut Creation.

Improved the initialization of the setting program.

V13.6.1.8 (1/8/2010)

Supports 64-bit operating systems.

Resolved a problem at startup under Vista.

V13.5.12.29 (12/29/2009)

Improved display speed of UI.

Optimized web filtering module.

Fixed a bug in the uninstall program.

V13.4.12.16 (12/26/2009)

Bug fixed: Anti-Porn sometimes switchs to parental mode after restarting Vista.

V13.3.12.14 (12/14/2009)

Fixed a password verification vulnerability.

V13.2.12.8 (12/8/2009)

Changed the UI font.

Improved the password dialog box.

V13.1.11.30 (11/30/2009)

Bug fix: Can't modify password in last version.

V13.0.11.17 (11/17/2009)

Redesigned UI.

V12.7.11.9 (11/9/2009)

Improved the compatibility with some antivirus softwores.

V12.6.9.16 (9/16/2009-9-16)

Bug fixe: Sometimes terminate internet explorer improperly.

Improved the compatibility with windows 7.

Removed a memory access error in the filtering module.

V12.5.8.7 (8/7/2009)

Fixed the trayicon's bug.

V12.4.7.23 (7/3/2009)

Bug fixed: Driver load fail under Windows 7.

V12.3.6.23 (6/23/2009)

Improved Limit game time function.

Improved Auto-recognition game function.

Bug fixed: Anti-Porn can't shutdown PC when guest user login.

V12.2.5.21 (5/21/2009)

Improved the self protection of Anti-Porn's service process.

V12.1.5.18 (5/18/2009)

Support restrict QQ2009, TM2008.

Optimized filtering algorithm.

Improved the compatibility with Media Player.

V12.0.3.17 (3/17/2009)

Removed a security vulnerability.

Improved compatibility with the windows firewall.

V11.9.2.25 (2/25/2009)

Improved the compatibility with the task manager.

V11.8.2.2 (2/2/2009)

Fixed the Blue Screen bug.

Hide process of Anti-Porn under Vista.

Removed a vulnerability of Anti-Porn under Vista.

V11.7.1.8 (1/8/2009)

Resolved a handle leak problem.

Optimized the algorithm to filter UTF-8 webpages write in UTF-8.

Bug fixed: The shortcuts don't work under Vista.

Modify the way the driver loading, Improved the compatibility with Rising antivirus software.

V11.6.12.25 (12/25/2008)

Supports conversion from big5 encoding to utf-8 encoding.

Improved compatibility with some programs.

V11.5.11.3 (11/13/2008)

Improved the Anti-Porn's self protection.

Bug fixed: The uninstall program sometimes deletes the shortcuts of other softwares by mistake.

V11.4.10.15 (10/15/2008-10-15)

Strengthen protection of registry startup entries.

V11.3.9.17 (9/17/2008)

Support Chrome browser.

Improved compatibility with the firefox.

Optimized filtering algorithm.

V11.2.8.22 (8/22/2008)

Prevent some software to remove Anti-Porn by force.

V11.1.8.13 (8/13/2008-8-13)

Optimized filter algorithm to reduce the mistake rate.

V11.0.7.7 (7/8/2008)

Improved the Eyesight protect funciton.

Bug fixed: Anti-Porn don't work when several users login Windows at the same time.

Improvement compatibility with some personal firewall software.

V10.9.6.23 (6/23/2008)

Enhanced process hiding under the VISTA system.

V10.8.6.6 (6/6/2008)

Fixed several bugs emerged in previous update.

V10.7.5.8 (5/8/2008)

Prevent child to search the internet to Paralyze Anti-Porn.

V10.6.5.3 (5/3/2008)

Adjusted the time-control mechanism.

Bug fixed: The current window on the desktop lose focus at regular time.

Adjusted the progress bar's position in the uninstall program.

V10.5.12.12 (12/12/2007)

Optimized filtering algorithm to support dynamic web pages.

Bug fixed: Anti-Porn can't synchronize the time when 'Just allow to visit recommended websites' is set.

Improvement compatibility with some antivirus software.

V10.4.11.15 (11/14/2007)

You can add a URL appeared in the logview program to the black list or the white list through a rightclick of the mouse.

Display the recommended websites in the webbrowser.

V10.3.11.5 (11/5/2007)

Fixed several bugs emerged in previous update.

V10.2.10.30 (10/30/2007)

Added an animation prompt.

Enhanced the program's self-protection.

V10.1.9.27 (9/27/2007)

Improvement compatibility with the Internet Explorer 7.

Bug fixed: The logview program analyses URLs incorrectly.

Bug fixed: The Anti-Porn's configration file increases after every time the setting program run.

The installation procedure automatically configures the windows firewall.

V10.0.0.0 (8/2/2007)

Improvement compatibility with the Vista.

Supports webbrowser's cache.

Bug fixed: The screenviewer program cracks down after a doubleclick.

V9.1.3.29 (3/29/2007)

Bug fixed: The mouse cursor switchs to the sandglass at regular time.

V9.0.2.1 (2/1/2007)

Supports vista.

Bug fixed: Closing Anti-Porn can lead to a blue screen problem.

Improved Anti-Porn's encryption.


Supports IE7.

Improved chat restricting.

Fixed a password bug.


Supports Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera and other browsers.

Improved Games restricting.


Improved self protection of product.

Supports user-defined keywords.

Added a function that allows parent to export or clear the URL log.

Added a function that allows parent to export or clear the Screen log.


Passwords May Now Be Up to 16 Characters in Length.

Fixed game whitelist bug.


Fixed mixed bugs under guest account.

Improved Games restricting.

Added a function, which determines which program is a game by itself.¡£

Encrypted the file in which the password saves.

Added a default password.

Improved time synchronization function.

Fixed the shortcut bug.


Parents could schedule time in which child can play games or chat online.

Fixed Eyesight protection's bug.

Added 'Do not display the shortcuts' option.

Improved self protection.


Improved Limit online time.

Improved Net Games restricting.

Added a option that allows Anti-Porn to run in hidden mode.


Added Schedule shutdown.

Added French filtering support.


Fixed mixed bugs in V7.0


Beautified the User Interface.

Get Anti-Porn auto run in Safe Mode.

Fixed mixed bugs in V7.0.


Improved the User Interface.

Improved time synchronization function.(Through Firewall)

Time synchronization supports daylight saving time.

Limit time online's session changed to half hour.

Added websites category management.

Improved chat room blocking.

Improved the Screen Viewer.

Improved game restricting. Added a function, which determines which program is a net game automatically.

Improved chat restricting. Parent could decide which chat program is allowed.

Improved Eyesight protection.

Improved self protection of the filtering module under sp2.

Improved stability under win2000.


Improved compatibility with 64-bit CPU.

Fixed a bug caused explorer was closed during restrict internet access.

Improved Filtering algorithms in order to make less mistakes filtering.


Improved effect of filtering.

Speed up web address filtering.

Improved the installation and uninstallation program.


Improved Limit Time Online. Anti-Porn will hangup an internet connection automatically by parents setting.

Eyesight protection program popups a dialog before locks screen.

Diminished the size of installation package.


Improved stability under win98.

Fixed a bug that caused 'I/O error 103'.


Added Eyesight protection.

Introduced Process Hiding Technique.

Improved update online tool.

Improved time synchronization function.

Improved compatibility between Anti-Porn and Outlook Express.

Fixed a bug that caused Blue Screen of Death.

Added a uninstall program.

The Log Viewer was separated from the setting program.

Beautified the User Interface.

Fixed a bug that caused the control panel don't respond when switch status.


Fixed the status display bug in the control panel.


Self protection of product was strengthened.

Refresh the websites menu immediately after editing the recommendation list.

Improved time synchronization function.

Fixed a bug that caused user can't add a domain to the blacklist or whitelist.

New: Encrypt the screen log.


The bug, what Anti-Porn can't block some adult website under WinXP when a user login without administrators account,fixed.


Main program optimized.


Game limit function added.

Browser's lock function added.


Realtime filter method optimized.

Add filter levels to 8.


German and Spanish filter module added.

Error:'Resource pasbmp not found' fixed.


Control module added.

Chinese,Japanese and Korean filter module added.

Users can hide the splash and trayicon of Anti-Porn.

Password protect for ScreenLog added.


The bug,which some webbrowsers(e.g. myie,netcapture)could not be closed, fixed.

Minor uninstall bug fixed.


Error: 'Invalid floating point operation' fixed.


Windowstation bug fixed.


Minor bugs,which appear during webbrowser closing,fixed.


ScreenLog module added.This module allow parents review screen captures of your PC.


Password Interface changes.

Splash added.

Minor Changes in some features and improved security.


White list module added.

Interface under Win9x changes.


Library update online module added.


Limitation of MSN Messenger 5.0 added.

Library of inappropriate websites,which collected manually,added.

Improve block method.

Black list bug fixed.

V2.50.0.21 (11/21/2002)

Speed blocking up.

V2.40.0.11 (11/11/2002)

Update online module added.

V2.30 (11/6/2002)

The bug,whith refused to change configuration on Win9x,fixed.

Recommend websites bug fixed.

Time control bug fixed.

V2.20 (10/30/2002)

Help document added.

V2.01 (10/21/2002)

Time synchronization function added.

V2.0 (10/18/2002)

Release of Anti-Porn v 2.0.

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